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Pet owners have a responsibility to help care for and protect their pets. Laws on animal welfare are different throughout Europe but we encourage all our members to promote responsible pet ownership. Here you can watch our video – and also view our Resources for Schools section, which demonstrates FEDIAF’s work encouraging children to understand the importance of caring for pets – from an early age.


The Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals aims essentially at assuring the welfare of animals, and in particular, of pet animals kept for private enjoyment and companionship.


World Organisation For Animal Health (OIE): animal welfare standards


FEDIAF has produced three detailed booklets, which are comprehensive guides for children. Two of these booklets are for primary school children and live up to their names: “Fascinating Cats” and “Fascinating Dogs”! The third booklet is an essential guide for younger children (from age 3) on how to deal safely with dogs.


Formed in 2021, the Pet Alliance Europe is coordinated by AnimalhealthEurope and the European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF). We are united in our belief that pet ownership has the potential to enhance the lives of all Europeans and brings many societal benefits. We refer to this as #PetPower. We are advocates for pet welfare and work with like-minded organizations to share information on how to care for pets.