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Moving fishes from the aquarium to the garden pond

Who wants to add some highlights to his garden pond does not necessarily need to buy new fishes: in summertime fishes from the aquarium can be moved into the pond. And some fishes even become more colourful outside which is best seen then in winter when they are back in their fish tank.
But most fishes should only be moved outside when the temperature is high enough. The temperature should be at night at least ten to twelve degrees and in daytime at least 18 to 20 degrees. This is in general the case from june to september.
All fishes should be set into the pond in the same way: The fishes should be catched into a plastic bag. This shoud then be put onto the water of the pond in order to adjust the temperature. Afterwards, water of the pond is added to the fishes so that they can get used to the different water composition. Finally, the fishes can be set free into the pond.
Moving the fishes into the pond is rewarded by a stronger health and more intensive colours of the fish. Also, the fishes can swim in a different surrounding and enjoy the diversion.
In general, each pond is adequate for fishes from the aquarium. But it is better if the pond is not bigger than three cubic metres. So, it is easier to catch the fishes again when they have to move back to their fish tank in winter. Fish owners should also take care that there are not any bigger fishes, like kois, already in the pond because small fishes could easily be eaten.