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For cats, kitchenette and table are tempting

For cats, kitchenette and table are tempting. From there, they have a good lookout and sometimes they can even steal a titbit. But what is exciting for cats is annoying for humans and sometimes even dangerours. Some simple tricks teach cats appropiate behaviour.
Cats do not know from the start that they are jumping on a table or a work top. For them, it is part of their patch. That’s why, it is important to show cats their limits. Saying loud ”No!” and putting them to the ground teaches cats that they aren’t allowed to jump on the table or kitchenette. It is the best to be consequent from the beginning to gain success.
But also for cats, forbidden fruits are sweet. Especially when they found something to eat, they might be tempted to jump onto the table and work top again as soon as they feel unwatched. Therefore, cat owners should always put every food away when leaving the room.
Owners could also teach their cats a lesson by lying paper or aluminium foil onto the table. Cats don’t like this at all. Who is not afraid of some water can also put small bowls on the table.
These tricks teach the cat not to jump on the table. But there is no guarantee that a cat would never again repeat this unwanted behaviour. So it is always the best to simply close the kitchen door.