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Do you know the difference between complete and complementary pet food? What animal-based ingredients are permitted in pet food? Is it safe to feed my cat or dog a vegetarian diet? These questions and many more are covered in different factsheets that FEDIAF makes available for free on the FEDIAF website.

Brussels, January 2019 – As the representative voice of the European pet food industry, FEDIAF regularly provides advice and background information for pet care professionals and pet owners on nutrition, ingredients and the production of pet food.

Annet Palamba and Nicole Paley, Co-Chairs of the FEDIAF Communication Working Group, underline: “These concise and easy to read factsheets serve as guidance for pet owners or nutritional practitioners to understand how to read pet food labels, what goes into our products, how to feed pets and many more. We have a lot of good stories to tell and there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding pet food which we address in our publications.”

Currently, the following topics are covered by factsheets, and there is more to come:

• Animal proteins used in EU pet food
• Homemade Diets
• Additives
• Vegetarian diets
• Understanding pet food labels
• Responsible raw feeding
• Nutritional needs of cats and dogs
• Can I feed dog food to my cat?
• Choosing the right food for your pet
• The importance of water in your pets diet
• The benefits of commercially prepared pet foods

All factsheets can be downloaded freely from the FEDIAF website.

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FEDIAF represents the European pet food industry with around 200 production sites. Serving as an umbrella organization of national pet food industry associations, FEDIAF’s mission is to be the credible and responsible voice of the European pet food industry collaborating with authorities, regulators and academics for achieving favourable conditions for the supply of safe, nutritious and palatable products to pets and their owners. Based in Brussels, FEDIAF is fully committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, to the wellbeing of pet animals, to their important social role and to the respect of sustainable development.

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