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No need for a rapturous welcome

Some dogs get excited about their owners coming home and show their happiness by jumping up to them. But most owners and also guests don’t like it to be welcomed in such an exuberant way. To say ”Hello!” in a decent behavior young and also adult dogs do learn with a little patience and consequence:
Giving clear signals
When a dog jumps up his owner, the owner should signalize that this behavior is not approved. To make themselves tall and stiff and also a blocking gesture like a stilted hand are clear signals dog owners could use. The best is to teach already a puppy that jumping as a welcome is not approved.
If blocking the dog does not work, the next possibility is to say “Stop!” or “No!”. Then the owner should force his dog into “Sit!” and reward him a titbit. In other situations it can be useful to make the dog stop his behavior also, so that he gets to learn the limits. For example, a dog owner would act with vehemence if his dog simply runs unto a road.
Be cool
What is important: There is a difference if a dog jumps up because he is happy or because he does not show any respect for his owner. Especially small dogs are often jumping up and down when they are happy. Their owners should stay calm, welcome their dogs by hunking down and then leave it this way. They should not encourage their dogs in jumping by being enthusiastic, too.
If the dog stays calm and welcomes all known and unknown persons in a decent way the goal is reached. Obedience and decent behavior should then be rewarded by a titbit or some extra strokes.